Moving the Unmovable

All across the world our ancestors created amazing megalithic monuments that defy the imagination.  Just how did they do it?  These are enourmous stones that are even quite the challenge even with our modern technology.

Did these people posses knowledge that we have forgotten?  our perhaps it has it been hidden from us? So many questions, about so many things, the never ending search for the truth.

This site will explore the past, the present and the future to find away to move the  monoliths of our time that preventing us from creating a world of beauty and justice and freedom, the common heritage of the human race.

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Moving Stones

The first stirings of the spring are showing themselves, daffodils are begining to wake and reach for the ever warming sun. Every morning I walk in the woods I am blessed to be the steward of however this particular morning I was beginning my walk with purpose. I was in a search for one more, one more stone.

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